Calorie Burning Workouts other than Running

workout life hacksRunning is one of the exercises that people opt for when they want to burn fat and get rid of stress. The beauty with running is that it doesn’t require lots of investment since what you need is a good pair of running shoes, a tracksuit, a sweat jacket, and a good open road. However, running at most burns 10 calories per minute as recorded in a normal marathon pace. If you want to lose weight faster, running is not the best option. There are lots of other alternatives and below are some suggestions you can try out.

Battle Ropes

This workout can help enhance your hand grip, strength, and balance. By design, battle ropes helps you work harder and spur you to try more. This provokes your power and strength reservoirs when exercising. The ropes will help you build muscles depending on the variations of battle ropes you do. Trying out motions such as circular or linear; enables you to work out specific group of muscles.


Cycling is extremely beneficial to your health for a number of reasons. It helps you enhance your muscle strength and flexibility, toning your waist and legs, pumping your heart and making it stronger in addition to rejuvenating your brain. As an exercise, cycling puts your entire body to test and improves your health significantly.

Even if you don’t have much time to spare, you can still take up cycling. For instance, instead of taking a bus or driving your car, cycling to work can be more beneficial both health-wise and in terms of money. For convenience, you can buy folding bikes which can easily fit in your car, office or even bag. Bikes are also affordable yet functional. Some of the biking options you may consider include:

Static Bike

Buying a static bike and using it at home to do bike sprints can be a good alternative to running. With 60 seconds of hard cycling, you can burn lots of calories. Ensure you peddle as fast as you can for the 60 seconds and gradually slowdown in pace. If you repeat this a few more items, you will burn a lot of calories within minutes.

Fat Tire Biking

This is a much more powerful and demanding biking exercise. Unlike the regular tires, fat tires are bigger in size. This means they require more peddling power if you are to move. This helps you burn about 1500 calories per hour of cycling which is equivalent to 25 calories per minute. This is a massive difference from many exercises available today.


workout hacksThis is a collection of exercises mainly comprising squat jumps and pushups. Because of its intensity, burpees demand a lot of endurance and strength. This is why it is exceptional for building stamina and balance. By jumping doing pushups and squatting, you work your entire body and every muscle is engaged. This is a good option to help you lose weight and improve your physical endurance.


You don’t require any special equipment to perform this exercise. You can do it right on the balcony, in your garden or at the gym as long as you have space to jump. If you do a few reps and combine them with other varieties of exercises, the end results will impress you. Both your mental and physical health will pick up fast.

The above three exercises can be combined with others to give you maximum benefit. They do not require lots of time; they can be done both outside and inside your home, and can be a great option for busy people irrespective of the weather conditions. You have no excuse to try them out and see what happens.