The Impact of Clutter and How to Make Your Home Clutter-Free

DecorIt is much easier to allow your home become messy and cluttered than to keep it organized. This is because organization requires discipline and diligence. For this reason, most people find it difficult organizing their homes thus making their lives a bit miserable. A clutter-free home makes you feel relaxed and accomplished

How Does a Cluttered Home Affect You?

A cluttered home makes you feel tired and hopeless. When things are scattered all over your space, they create fatigue and negative energy. If the situation is not addressed at this point, it may ultimately lead to total confusion and lowered productivity. The good news is all this can be solved in a day by simply creating time to declutter your home and organize it appropriately.

Benefits of Organized Space

A well-arranged and organized home gives you peace of mind. Living in a home that is neat and everything is in its rightful place, calms you and gives you quality space to interact and bond with your family.

A cluttered home tends to be dirty because with time, dust and debris accumulate on surfaces. This significantly reduces the quality of your indoor environment which is detrimental to your health. Organizing and cleaning your home improves the indoor air quality which in turn improves your health and that of your family.

A clutter-free and orderly home puts you at the driver’s seat of your living space. When things in your home are neatly and tidily arranged, you feel you are in control of your life because you can easily get what you are looking for without wasting lots of time. Additionally, the feeling of being overwhelmed is dealt with leaving you to enjoy your sweet life once more!

How to Declutter and Organize Your Home

As seen above, decluttering your home comes with numerous benefits. Every effort you put into the process pays big by improving the quality of your life. Here are tips to help you organize your home hassle-free.

Three Piles- Donate, Keep, Pitch

This is the first step in decluttering your home. It is important you categorize the items you are sorting to make your work easier. In each of the category, put things in three piles; the stuff you will keep, the stuff you will dispose of, and the things you are not sure what to do. Only keep things that are really worth in your home. If you have a juicer or toaster you haven’t used for months, then it’s more likely you will not use it in the future.

Once you are done sorting, put the things you are getting rid of and the ones you aren’t sure about in cardboards and mark them appropriately. Secondly, put the things you are retaining back to where they belong and organize them neatly. For the things you aren’t sure about, give yourself 30 days and it will be clearer whether you really need them or should get rid of them.

Organize your home by defining the functionality of the different spaces. Clutter normally comes when there are no clear boundaries on what items should be put on what spaces. Things that shouldn’t be found in your living needn’t be there.

Another tip to help you organize your home and create more space is by installing ceiling shelves. Here, you can store things like picture frames, sportswear, and other items you don’t use on a day to day basis. The best thing about having ceiling shelves is that they do not take up useful space and makes your home look neat and pretty.