Little Makeup Tricks that Can Change Your Life

In a bid to get their makeup perfect, most people spend hours in front of a mirror. However, it is not necessary that you also go that way because there are some tricks you can capitalize on to make application of cosmetics a much easier and more enjoyable process that will give you the looks that you are after. Below are some of the makeup hacks you can try out:

Change the Lighting Conditions

When applying your makeup, the lighting conditions affect how you see yourself. In order to assess whether the makeup truly looks good on you, try changing the conditions. You may go outside and check yourself in the bright outside light or get into your car and look at yourself before leaving the house. This not only helps you to see any imperfections you may have missed, varying the lighting conditions can also bring out different aspects of your makeup that you didn’t know of.

Use White Nail Polish Coat

Instead of using a base coat, a white nail polish coat can make your nail color conspicuous and still protect your nails from staining. Colored polishes can easily stain your nails and this may not bring out the best in you.

Widen the Look of Your Eyes

By changing the way you apply your mascara, you can achieve a lot more with your eyes. Instead of sweeping your mascara upwards, carefully apply it towards your nose. This will have the advantage of making your eyelashes look a bit fuller and make your eyes slightly bigger and wider.

Learn How to Apply Your perfume

It is common to find people spraying themselves with perfume especially when in a hurry. The point here is not just to smell the perfume, but to smell in the right points. The best places to concentrate your perfume on is the pulse points which include the wrist, the neck, the inner elbow, and behind the knee.

Use White Eyeliner to Highlight Your Eye Shadow

If you have been looking for a trick that will make your eye shadow to pop then here you go! First apply the white eyeliner over your eyelid and then apply your eye shadow. The benefit of this is that the white will help intensify the eye shadow color.

Use a Spoon to Achieve A Picture Perfect Winged Eyeliner

If you want to achieve that winged effect which will turn heads, you only need a spoon! Start your eyeliner normally as you would when you want a cat eye look then gently press the rounded side of the spoon against your eyelid. By moving the spoon slightly outwards, you can create a lovely winged effect.

Lengthen the Stay of Your Lipstick

Lipstick is arguably one of the oldest makeup aspects, but it seems there is much more that people can still learn. If you want your lipstick to stay on longer, just put a lipstick coat and then lay a tissue over your lips. Lastly, dust translucent powder on so as to make the color set and this will lengthen the stay of your makeup.

Improvise Your Lip Gloss

Instead of throwing broken eye shadows, you can turn them into lip gloss. All you have to do is to crash the eye shadow carefully into powder and thereafter mix it with petroleum jelly. This can make you many lip gloss color you like without spending extra bucks.

You can also create natural contouring by placing the straight edge of your makeup brush handle or eyeliner pencil directly below your cheekbone. This will give you the right angle.

Decluttering Your Physical and Mental Space for Greater Happiness

DeclutterTruth be told, if someone was to look at planet earth from space at this moment in time, they would be excused to think of us as a dumb race. There is so much stuff around us because we always buy things we don’t need with moneys we don’t have to impress people who do not really care. The result of all this is that we end up with an accumulation of goods that do not make us any happier. We tend to work a lot and keep ourselves busy doing things that do not need to be done at all. Close to 1.5 million in the United States suffer heart attacks each year because of the high levels of stress and anxiety brought about by the lifestyle we live.

Getting rid of clutter would make us live in simplicity which in turn will give us great happiness and wellness. Clutter is stagnant energy and the moment you get rid of it, you will free up space and time in your life to concentrate on the most critical things.

The Starting Point

If you want to gain the freedom that comes with living a clutter-free life, you need commitment and willpower. Starting from one room, eliminate unnecessary things that you are clinging onto and yet you do not need. Think of your books and clothes and the stuff that is lying in your kitchen. It would be really nice if you got rid of it. Get boxes or bags; one for charity, one for recycling, one for trash and another for the things you are yet to decide on. As you declutter your rooms, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I really need this item?
  • Have I used this in the past one year or six months?
  • Can this help another person out there other than me?
  • How possible is it that I can get this again when I dispose it?

These questions will help you eliminate the things that you do not need by simplifying your decision making process. For the box containing the things that you have not decided on, put it in a storage somewhere and after six months, you can go back to it and see what you can give out.

Organize the Rest

Whatever remains after you eliminate the clutter, ensure you organize it well by putting it in the right storage. Decide where everything should be stored and the possibility of getting extra storage if what you have is not enough. However, be careful not to get more storage than you actually need because this can prompt you to start accumulating other items.

Declutter Your Mind

After the physical decluttering process, it is now the turn of the mind. Remove any unnecessary thoughts that hinder you from living a calm, happy and stress-free life. Because the mind stores lots of responsibilities, commitments, hopes, plans and dreams, it can be a very busy place. The following are some of the ways of decluttering your mind.

  1. Put down everything on paper as this clears your mind
  2. Plan and schedule what needs to be done
  3. Focus on what is important such as your main intentions and goals and let the rest fade into insignificance
  4. Limit your consumption of information because some news especially the negative ones can affect the quality of your mind
  5. Journal to calm the mind – Writing down your dreams, thoughts and worries can lift some pressure off your mind.
  6. Spend time with nature as this is a great detox for both your mind and body

Decluttering your mental and physical space will give you happiness, peace, and an ability to focus more intently on what is essential thereby making you productive and efficient.