Quick Life Changing Skills You Can Learn on the Go

Whenever we hear about learning, we think of a long term commitment of money and time. While this is true in some instances, it is not always the case. As a matter of fact, every person has innate ability to learn a life changing skill within a period as short as 6 months. These skills can have a tremendous impact in your life and through them, you can reap immense benefits. Below are some of these skills:

Speed Reading

The mega successful personalities such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and the rest understand that the ability to read faster is a super power in itself. This is because faster processing of information from articles, books, and reports can help you learn faster and therefore improve every aspect of your life as well. Knowledge is power. There are lots of free courses that you can enroll in and begin learning how to read faster.

Public Speaking

According to research, the fear of public speaking is greater in multiples than that of death. Standing in front of hundreds or thousands of people and exposing yourself completely can be terrifying. However, learning how to public speak can be a game changer for you. According to Warren Buffet, the number one skill you ought to possess in order to succeed in life is public speaking. Communication, sales, and confidence are skills you can develop once you have a foundation in public speaking.


If you want to venture into business, accounting is an absolutely necessary skill. While you don’t need to be an expert, having accounting knowledge can enable you manage your personal finances so as to meet your goals. There are lots of books and free online accounting courses you can take and boost your understanding.

Microsoft Excel

Having a basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel is commendable, but advancing and learning on the powerful functionalities hidden within excel can make your life much easier. Many companies globally are looking for individuals who have mastered excel to help them organize and manage multiple parts of their businesses. Therefore, having knowledge of excel can give you an edge over the rest. There are lots of free resources including videos that you can take advantage of and learn excel.


If you want to spread your ideas, grow your business or build your brand, blogging is an  Screenshot 2016-07-05 at 10.47.20 AMindispensable tool. Since it was introduced, blogging has enjoyed massive success and today, over 2 million blog posts are written daily. Anyone can start blogging because all you need is a content management system which you can get for free such as WordPress. Writing great content is the beginning of blogging success.

Weight Training

Unlike learning a new language which will take a long time, weight training is a skill you can master within a very short time. There is no promise that you will get a ripped body like that of Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you will be able to see faster results irrespective of your goal. Understanding how to work out properly can help you avoid physical strain and injuries. The good news is there are tons of resources on YouTube that you can watch and exercise for a start.

Photo and Video Editing

It is a fact that we are living in a digital world in which the consumption of photos and videos through social media channels such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook is extremely high. Learning photo and video editing through tools such as iMovie and Photoshop can help you further your blogging agenda, make your social media channels attractive or even help others at a fee.

It is therefore not difficult or time consuming to learn a new skill. All you need is dedication, good planning and time management. Who knows, you could be a diamond in the rough.