Time Management Hacks for Ultimate Productivity

time managementTime management is the greatest skill of all time because once you know how to allocate your hours, minutes and seconds, there is nothing you cannot possibly do. According to philosophers, time is the equalizing factor bringing the rich and poor to the same drawing board. By learning the following hacks, you too can start your journey towards productivity and wealth creation.

Understand Your Goals and Prioritize Them

You need to know the number of goals you have and in the event you do not have any goals you can point to, create one today. Effective time management requires that you have goals you are working towards. If on the other hand your goals are too many, organize them so that at any one given time, you have a single goal for each primary area of your life. Each day, focus on the one goal that has the most value and top priority. This could be a business goal, health goal, or even a financial goal.

Assign a Monetary Value to Your Time

Time management becomes much easier if you are aware of the worth of your time. If each hour you earn $600, spending 30 minutes on Facebook will cost you $300. Keeping a time log so that you know exactly where most of your time is spent can help you cut down on wasteful activities.

Shun Perfectionism and Give Your Best

There is nothing that is perfect because everything is work in progress. Never waste your time trying to get that perfect finish and instead concentrate on giving your best. If you are prone to perfectionism, start forcing yourself to let some things go so that you can get the job done.

Schedule Your Time and Think about it Daily

Having a prioritized task list or planning a project before you begin working on it can save you lots of minutes each day. The best time to plan is before going to bed or very early in the morning before you start working. Separating your planning time from your task execution time will enable you achieve much more quickly.

Break Bigger Goals into Small Tasks

You cannot do goals, but you can do tasks. The moment you are done with goal setting, try to work out the approach you will use to achieve that particular goal. Then turn the steps into smaller projects and tasks each having a deadline. This will enable you to have daily fulfillment as you move towards achieving a bigger goal.

Delegate! Delegate!! Delegate!!!

Because you know the much your time is worth, assess the tasks that you need to complete in a day and make a decision on which you should handle and the ones to delegate. If your dollar value per hour is 300 and it takes you about an hour to sort your mails each day, you may consider outsourcing email management.

Have a Deadline to Every Project

Deadlines are very important in time management because they help you to prioritize. If you work in an environment where someone else is setting deadlines, have your personal deadline before the official deadline. This will improve your time management and productivity.

Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination is the greatest thief of time and if you can manage to outmuscle it, you will be the biggest winner in time management. If you can work on something today, why push it to the following day. However, when doing this, have it at the back of your mind that you need to prioritize so that you do not bring forward tasks that could have been best done the following day.

With these time management hacks, you can start your journey into productivity and success.